Barlestone Yarle av Naraena

Born 28th September 2001

Bred by: Brian & Violet Nichols

Father: Ch. Barlestone Vosse  Mother: Barlestone Paula

Glaucoma Tested “Clear”

Following the sudden and unexpected death of our Naraena Haftor shortly before his 7th birthday, we fell in love with a Barlestone puppy who joined us on Christmas Day 2001 when Brian and Vi came for lunch. Brian had already named the puppy Blue, a midlands term of endearment meaning friend.

His nickname is “sock snatcher” bestowed upon him by Vanessa McHugh when Blue kept stealing her socks and proudly parading them, head held high and tail wagging, whilst Vanessa was staying with us in Norway.

Blue is a very loyal dog, a superb companion and is self appointed guard to his humans and property as well as his canine and feline pals. He may not be the most outstanding show dog but has, nevertheless, been graded excellent in Norway. Perhaps it is his clear colour and wonderfully flowing movement that caught the judges’ eye.

Blue is the inspiration behind Michael’s stories that are published in the Norwegian Elkhound Club of Great Britain’s Magazine entitled “Blue’s Bletherings”. This series follows on from the original which was entitled “Haffy’s Ta(i)les”. It is a record of his adventures to Europe and Scandinavia and is informative as well as being extremely light-hearted.

We hoped that Blue’s years would not be too advanced to show off his abilities in the hunting scene in Scandinavia. I entered him for the tracking examination and he failed! It was rather late in January when his test took place over very rough terrain. There was ice and snow on the ground. It was difficult to say this to the judge but Blue was more concerned for me and my safely than using his senses to find elk! When I faltered, Blue instinctively stopped as he is the perfect gentleman. What I found rather amusing was when we paused for lunch and Blue sat beside the judge. Did the judge realise that was to make sure he was aware of any movement - I don’t believe so - he was just happy that Blue wanted to be beside him!

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