This very attractive young female began to ‘hang around’ the house in February 2013. She was very timid and I tried my best to just speak to her and otherwise ignore her presence. She would appear whenever she heard me go to the cattery, and particularly at feeding times. Of course, I gave in after a couple of weeks and began to feed her. On several occasions I would see her walking towards the cattery with a mouse which I believe she had brought for our felines. I persuaded her to eat in the safety corridor to the main houses but left the door open at first. Eventually, she accepted being shut in for short periods and would wait patiently whilst the Vallhunds had their walk because she knew that Krister would give chase although, she had the ultimate escape, straight up the nearest tree!

A little later I was quite pleased to see that Patches had gained some weight as she was rather skinny when she first came. However, it was not just getting decent meals inside her! On 26th May she gave birth to 4 lovely kittens, a ginger boy, and three girls, a tortie very similar to herself, a black & white and a black, white & ginger. Patches has now been neutered and micro-chipped. Gina, her tortie kitten, and Pippa the black & white will follow suit so that they can have their freedom without unwanted kittens.

Patches & daughters Gina & Pippa

(No, they are not Burmese!)

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