Grand International Champion

GIC S*Lilla Gråbos My Macmyra (BUR g)

Registration No: (SE) SVERAK LO 263036

Colour: Blue Tortie

Born: 10th December 2009

Sire: Mackintosh’s Louis D’or (BUR d)

Dam: S*Lilla Gråbos Jingjing Guo (BUR a)

GM2 - BHK - BHD  Tested Clear

Luna is litter sister to our Bosse (GIC S*Lilla Gråbos Max MacMillan (BUR c)) and carries lines that have been part of my breeding programme from the start. She does not live up to the expression ‘naughty tortie’ as she has such a calm and loving temperament. However, she can be very lively as witnessed at a recent show when she suddenly took a nose dive off the Judge’s table! She was successfully cornered and captured by the ring steward and I enabling the judge to continue with his assessment! I am very proud of her show achievements and thank all her judges for thinking so highly of her.

Hopefully she will be mated to a suitable young man and produce some beautiful Naraena babies.

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