Grand International Champion

GIC S*Lilla Gråbos Max MacMillan (BUR c)

Registration No: (SE) SVERAK LO 263038

Colour: Lilac

Born: 10th December 2009

Sire: Mackintosh’s Louis D’or (BUR d)

Dam: S*Lilla Gråbos Jingjing Guo (BUR a)

GM2 -BHK - BHD  Tested Clear

Bosse carries some of the old English lines that have been so much a part of my breeding programme over the years. He has the most wonderful temperament and has charmed many judges at shows. Having said farewell to my boy “Zak”, Hollowset Fancy Free, I am hopeful that Bosse will step up into his shoes.

He is a delight to take to shows and he charms his way into the affection of each judge who handles him. I am delighted that he has been awarded so many certificates making him first a Champion, then an International Champion followed by Grand International Champion. He has already been awarded another certificate that will hopefully take him up to the next level.

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