Champion Naraena Pretty Woman (BUR f)

Registration No: CS 605027 (GB-GCCF)

LO 236654 (SVERAK)

Colour: Brown Tortie

Born: 18th October 2004

Sire: Hollowset Fancy Free (BUR d)

Dam: Admilbu Lilac Mist (BUR c)

GM2 - BHK - BHD Tested Clear

Purdy became a Champion having earned her title at shows in Sweden. She also won a certificate in England before we moved. Although she is a real sweetie and loves everyone she meets, the show bench is not a place in which she shines and so I did not attempt to further her show career.

Whilst living in Sweden she made a bid for freedom one day and ran away, after being seen swooped upon by a number of birds who were nesting around the eaves. After five weeks and nearly abandoning hope of seeing her again, news came from one of my neighbours that friends, 5 km away by road and track, had been adopted by a very friendly tortoishell cat who might be the one I had been searching for. It was a very anxious drive to see the cat and I could hardly believe my luck when I saw it was Purdy sitting on the lady’s lap. I am so grateful to all my neighbours for spreading the word and helping to re-unite me with Purdy. Miracles do happen occasionally!

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