Netherlands Junior Champion

International Champion


aka “MIA”

Born on 28th August 2012

Bred by Nicola Cree (Branika)


Naraena Knut av Conrick

Mother: Branika Asdis

prcd/PRA - Hereditary Normal/Clear

I was delighted to learn that Nicola was planning to use Ekko (Naraena Knut av Conrick) at stud. We have endeavoured to assist in the enrichment of the breed’s gene pool over the years and his excellent Norwegian hunting and show genes should prove useful. He is also a male dog with a very handsome masculine head, good strong topline and takes after his mother for his smooth no nonsense movement. Once the litter had arrived, Nicola posted lots of lovely photos of the puppies. There was only one female and I was very taken with her from an early age. Now, I had no intention of having a puppy but I had arranged to travel to Scotland in order to see the litter and enjoy the Scottish Club Show at the same time.

In the meantime we met a couple at a show in the Netherlands. Sadly they had had to say farewell to their elkie and were looking for another. After getting to know Ekko’s relations at the show and seeing the photos of the puppies, it was agreed that I would bring a male puppy back with me for them. When I saw the puppies, I was delighted with them and have to say that it was love at first sight when I saw Mia and so Igor (Branika Bruse) had a puppy for company on the return journey as well as Lussi to watch over them.

The puppies took the car journey to Newcastle and the overnight ferry in their stride. They charmed the guys who escorted my friend and I to the car deck to let the puppies stretch their legs on a prepared area of newspaper whilst I changed their bedding and topped up their water. Running around the garden upon arrival was just heaven for them. Mia had another hour’s journey and then she made herself known to “the gang” and a rather disgruntled Michael who was not happy that I had brought her back with me. I am reminded of this when she is naughty but he shares in my happiness at having Mia.

Mia is maturing well and has been very successful in puppy classes in the UK and the Netherlands. She continued this success when she moved to Junior level again winning in the Netherlands and the UK. At the Scandia Champion Club Match in September, Mia was awarded the final Excellent Grading and Junior Class win to earn the title Netherlands Junior Champion written NJK in front of her name. This award gives her one full CAC (certificate) towards her full Champion title. Since that time she has won 3 CACs towards the 4 points necessary. However, in order to become a Champion in the Netherlands the final qualifying certificate must be won when the dog is 27 months or more and at the time of winning her fourth certificate she was just under age. Mia is continuing to mature slowly and I’m sure she will attain the Dutch Champion title.

Mia has won a 2 Certificates in Germany, 1 in Belgium and a reserve in France and has become an International Champion by winning CACIBs in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. WTG Mia, we’re proud of you.

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