Burmese Kittens representing most of the 10 colours in this lovely breed are occasionally available to loving, permanent homes.

A young Bosse in the foreground and sister Luna behind him!

Our future plans will be announced at the appropriate time. Kittens will most likely be from our blue tortie young lady called Luna (GIC S*Lilla Grabo’s My McMyra) when I have found a suitable stud as my current stud is her brother! Please look back from time to time or contact us by telephone or e-mail if you would like to know when kittens are expected.

There have been quite a few litters over the years since raising the first around the late 70’s. The first few litters were from our foundation cream stud UK CH Anselig Anjin San and female UK CH Wayward Running Bear. They passed on their super temperament and loving nature and their kittens were a pleasure to live with and this is true to say of subsequent litters that carried on the line from Sam and Bella. As time passed Sam’s son took over the stud work. Zak (Hollowset Fancy Free) was red in colour and by now I not only had cream females but a brown tortie and a lilac had joined the team and kittens of other colours emerged from these combinations.

Burmese Cat

Kittens & Future Plans

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