The ‘L’ Litter born on 29th January 2010 in Sweden - 4 males and 4 females:

Father: Ask (Norway) HD-A   Mother: CIB, SE V-09, KBH V-09 Naraena Kristina  HD-B

both parents are prcd/PRA Clear and have Clear Eye Certificates

The boys: Naraena Laban, Loke, Lord and Lukkas

The girls: Naraena Lady, Lif Embla, Lussi and Lykke

The ‘K’ Litter born on 16th September 2006 in England - 3 males and 1 female:

Father: Dual CH Bamse I (Norway) HD-A   Mother: CIB Elsa av Naraena HD-B, prcd/PRA Clear

The boys: Naraena Knut, Kristian, Kristoffer  and their sister Naraena Kristina

Norwegian Elkhound

Puppies & Future Plans

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Main Portal Click for Pedigree of Lussi Naraena Lussi.pdf Click for Pedigree of Ren,s Ren,s Pedigree.pdf The M litter born 29th September 2014

Naraena Marianne “Judy” is living in France as is Naraena Magnus “Jaxon” as well

Naraena Manis Ajunda “Ajunda” and Naraena Mare Bente “Bente” have stayed in the Netherlands

We are loving the photos that are being published by their owners

and shall watch their progress with great interest.

Dad: Strom Footloose for Grasilver  -  Mum: NL CH Naraena Lussi