CIB (Int Ch) Elsa av Naraena

Born 20th April 2001 in the Netherlands

Bred by: Els & Erik Voss

Father: NL CH Naraena Einar  Mother: Taiga av Elgaskogen

Hip Score: UK 5 - 3   prcd/PRA: Normal/Clear   Glaucoma Tested “Clear”

Elsa was born in Holland. Her sire was bred by Michael & I in the UK and delivered as a puppy to Marcel & Marijke van Duivenboden in Holland. Einar’s dam is Bente av Naraena thereby bringing her hunting lines back to our kennel plus other Norwegian lines inherited from her mother, Taiga, bred by Irene Salari.

Bente and her brother Bjønn’s lines have successfully blended with a number in the UK since they were imported in 1989 and we hope they will continue to do so in the future. One of Bente’s great grand-sons, Naraena Knut av Conrick, (Ekko) lives with Vanessa & Brian McHugh in Glossop, Derbyshire and her great grand-daughter, Naraena Kristina is part of our kennel.

Elsa has been highly regarded and placed at shows in Holland, Germany, Norway, Sweden and Denmark earning her International title. It is sad that her age together with troublesome allergic reaction to the Rabies vaccination prevented her from gaining the last certificate needed to gain her Dutch title.

Elsa was mated to NUCH, NJ(L)CH Bamse I in Norway in 2006. Her daughter Kristina, granddaughters Lussi and Mia and our “Mr” Blue complete the current line-up of Norwegian Elkhounds at home. Elsa’s son, Ekko, produced a stunning litter of puppies with Branika Asdis in Scotland (Mia being one from that litter) ensuring the continuation of these valuable Norwegian Show and Hunting lines.

Sadly, we had to say a very fond farewell to Elsa in January 2013

We wish her “happy hunting” over the Rainbow Bridge. Run free lovely lady.

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