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History of the

Norwegian Elkhound

Norwegian Elkhound Reading List

Elkhound and Finsk Spitz by Lady Kitty Ritsen, published in 1930's in Great Britain

How to Raise and Train a Norwegian Elkhound by Glenna Clark Crafts, 3 editions.

1)1964, (Int. Ch Trygvie Vikingsson with trophies on cover) ,T.F.H. Publications, Inc., Jersey City, N.J.

2) with an elkhound standing in snow -"American and Canadian Ch. Crafdal Tryg N. Thors Token, a top stud".

My 60 Years with Norwegian Elghunds by Olav P. Campbell, 1988

The New Complete Norwegian Elkhound by Olav Wallo, Copyright 1970, 1957

These are two separate books - one from 1957, one from 1970

The New Complete Norwegian Elkhound by Olav Wallo, Copyright 1987 (3rd edition) 1970

Norwegian Elkhounds by Anna Katherine Nicholas, 1983, T.H.F. Publications Inc, Jersey City, N. J.

The Elkhound by Kitty C Heffer 1969, Twyning, Tewkesbury UK, republished by the British Elkhound Club in 1985

The Elkhound in the British Isles by Anne Roslin-Williams, 1993 published for Anne Roslin-Willliams, printed by Witherby & Co, London

The Norwegian Elkhound by Dr. Nina P. Ross, 1995, Doral Publishing Inc., Wilsonville, Oregon.

Your Norwegian Elkhound by Helen E. Franciose and Nancy C. Swanson, 1974, William F. Denlinger, Fairfax, VA.

Vassfarbjornen by Edvard Elsrud (Norwegian text on Hunting for Bear in Norway with photos of elkhounds with bears they had hunted.) 1975, Grondahl & Son Forlag, Oslo, Norway.

Om Elghunder og Elgjakt" 1949 , Norway "Elghunder, fra valp til elgfall" by Kare Vidar Pedersen, 1998, from Norway written entirely in Norwegian, but wonderful photos of hunting elkhounds, puppies, etc.

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