CIB (Int Ch), NK (NL CH), KBH V-09, SE V-09

Naraena Kristina

Born 15th September 2006

Bred by: Michael & Wendy Sharman

Father: NUCH, NJ(L)CH Bamse I  Mother: CIB Elsa av Naraena

Hip Score: B (Sweden)   prcd/PRA: Normal/Clear      Glaucoma Tested “Clear”

Tina made her debut into the show ring rather late due to Wendy’s travels back and forth looking at houses in Sweden and Norway whilst selling and packing up our house there. However, once living in Sweden, Kristina fell foul of the fact that she could not win a certificate unless she first had hunting merits. I entered Tina for the elk tracking test, the first step before hunting trials. To my delight, as with her mother, she passed but sadly this did not count as a hunting merit.

Not much escapes her notice. No lack of the typical Norwegian Elkhound voice for this young lady when she alerts us to any movement. I believe that she would have performed well hunting as she has a very keen eye and extremely good sense of smell. Whilst in Sweden her lead broke whilst she was being led to the car. She glanced at Michael who was holding the loop and a small portion of the lead and, with a glint in her eye, appeared to say “that’s it, I’m off”! She was away in the vast and dense forest in the surrounding areas and we did not see her again for 9 hours. However, she was hobbling on 3 legs but it transpired that she had caught her front paw up in her show collar and was completely unharmed. The rest of the show lead had disappeared. Obviously one would not let her loose in the forest with that kind of collar under normal circumstances.

Tina raised her first litter in Sweden and her offspring have scattered far and wide. We are very proud of her son Naraena Laban who is proving to be a good hunter in the North of Norway. Naraena Lord lives a wonderful life in the Swiss Mountains, Naraena Loke is in Germany whilst her other son, Naraena Lukkas aka Punky lives in Kent (the Garden of England). Daughters Naraena Lif Embla, Naraena Lykke and Naraena Lussi live in the Netherlands whilst Naraena Lady resides in Scotland..

Tina returned to the show scene in Holland where she has acquitted herself very well. After she completed her International Title I withdrew her from the ring for a while because Kristina and her daughter were both entered in the same class. Once Lussi had been awarded her Dutch Title, Kristina returned to the ring and completed her Dutch Title as well.

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