International Premier

IP Hollowset Gentleman George (BUR n)

Registration No: CS 343411 (GB-GCCF) LO 236650 (SVERAK)

Colour: Brown

12th July 1996 to 22nd January 2015

Sire: GB Grand Champion Monclair Midsummer Glow (BUR d)

Dam: Charnfield Cacao (BUR f)

George is Michael’s special boy. From a very young age he travelled in the car from Leicester to London to keep Michael company whilst he stayed away working. He used to be loose in the car on the journey and had a habit of leaving his cosy cushion and popping his head up at the window whilst stopped at traffic lights. The driver of an adjacent vehicle would do a “double-take” as they could not believe that a cat was staring at them. Being brown, at night George’s lovely golden yellow eyes would probably have been all they could see!

After 18 years and 6 months it was very hard to say goodbye to our sweet boy and Michael’s special travelling companion. Sleep well dear friend and happy hunting over the Rainbow Bridge x

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